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City: Ontario
Province: California
Zip Code: 91761
Company Description: We specialize in surface and airborne pathogen remediation, so you don’t have to figure out infection prevention protocols on your own. We pride ourselves on educating our clients on the latest products and procedures in this ever-changing pandemic environment, so you feel confident and in control, reassured that you’re protecting your people in the safest manner possible. We’ve all managed to master the concepts of infection prevention over the past year, but the return to work, school or sports brings a whole new challenge. We’re not only responsible for ourselves, but now we need to protect others in a group environment from the virus and other pathogens. That’s a big responsibility and why ClearWorld is here to be your Infection Prevention Partner to navigate those waters. We pride ourselves on custom-tailoring an infection prevention plan that’s unique to each of our customers, but our process includes several key steps that are common with all new clients.
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