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Foddrill Construction Corp.



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City Name: Chino
Province: CA
Zip Code: 91710
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Company Description: It's no coincidence that we are in the lighting industry. Only someone who has been through the darkest of days can appreciate the light. Foddrill Construction was founded in Chino, California in 1993. We've been installing street lighting systems as well as many other varieties of lighting throughout Southern California since we opened. Our work philosophy is based on faith and a commitment to giving back to the community. Leonora Foddrill and her late husband Jimmy, began the company in 1993 to realize the American dream of owning their own business. The loss of a founder and partner can be catastrophic, even lethal to a business. After Jimmy's death in 2014, Leonora had to make tough decisions. The choice—sell the business or continue running it on her own. When she looked at the faces of her employees—her work family, her path was made clear. Women are not typically found in this industry and are not common in leadership roles. To the amazement of many that she demonstrated an innate capacity and a capability for the technical and human side of the industry. She implemented a completely different management style and began to break down barriers between management and the workforce. Empowering her employees to better themselves through training programs, certifications, and bidding on multiple projects that brought new experiences to her company, and working intensively with her core staff helped her to become a strong leader to trust her staff to take risks. She brought priorities from her personal life to the business. She made the conscious effort to be a victor, not a victim. At Foddrill Construction the people are valued, employees are empowered and trusted, and there is a focus on safety and quality. Around three-quarters of the staff have been with the company for over 15 years—remarkably high, especially for this industry. Leonora says, "We have retained a large number of our employees for 15 plus years and are committed to them and their families. Our people are our greatest asset. They are the lifeblood of the company."